Radio-frequency-preionized xenon Z-pinch source for extreme ultraviolet lithography

author Malcolm McGeoch

Applied Optics 37 No 9 pp 1651-1658 (1998)

describes the generation of intense xenon band emission at 134 Angstroms, the wavelength of choice for Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography. Source size, brightness, positional and amplitude stability are discussed, as well as optimization of the xenon-helium mixture. Exposure stitching, taking advantage of the source stability, is discussed. The extension of repetition frequency to high-throughput production lithography levels is considered.

Intense 29 Angstrom Z-pinch source for single-pulse microscopy

author Malcolm McGeoch

manuscript available on request

describes measurements of intense emission in the 28.8 A nitrogen VI line that lies in the "water window" spectral region most suitable for the microscopy of wet tissue.